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Flash Macromedia™
Developed with an eye to style and the latest advances in Flash technology, Fast Track Flash Styles offer the look of original, custom-made Flash animation at an incredibly affordable price.

We also provide custom-designed flash movies and intros to fulfill your appetite for the extraordinary.

click here for prices and more information on our Fast Track Flash Styles
Shockwave is an Internet technology that offers web sites to deliver multimedia games, animated interfaces, interactive ads.,
and demos, streaming CD-quality audio for music and speech instructional and educational presentations.

Shockwave provides WSN developers with flexibility in design and extensive control over the timing.

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CD-ROM Design
CD-ROM's are an optical storage solution that can store up to 650 MB of digital data.

CD-ROM technology allows developers to deliver different types of Multimedia information – text, graphics, photographic images, animation, music and video – into single documents.

IBSWS has the creative and technical skills to design CD-ROM applications such as shopping catalogs, gallery tour guides, and educational textbooks. The main advantage that CD-ROM technology offers is the ability to distribute large amount of data that can be stored and distributed on a very small disc.

We will also design the complete packaging for your CD-ROM
if need be to keep in line with your corporate image.

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Fully Interactive Multimedia Application
Our multimedia group provides our clients with a full service design center. Our gifted team possesses a rare combination of technical savvy and traditional design skills, which are used in creating exciting and effective communications solutions.

Our experience covers the following categories:

•Interactive Applications authoring
•CD-ROM development
•Digital Video and Sound
•3D Visualization
•3D Animated slide for Web presentations

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Interactive Sales Presentation
Imagine having the ability to present a graphically appealing, interactive and personalized sales presentation to your most important client.

Now imagine that all of your sales tools are combined
into one dynamic presentation. Video clips, testimonials,
product demonstrations and sound can be as close and
convenient as your laptop computer.

IBSWS designs interactive presentations that can access
entire catalogs of information so your sales force will always
have the information they need, when they need it.

html programming
iHTML is a very powerful server side scripting/programming language for the Internet, which allows the creation of customized interactive web sites.

iHTML gives you the tools to build dynamic web sites that allow real time interaction between the user and the data being presented. In fact, iHTML technology was designed to bring the power of some of the web's largest sites to the small developer on a fixed budget.

iHTML is built on six core technology areas which include our unique Back Page Processing, dynamic graphics, traditional programming, flow control/error handling, web to database
access and Internet specific features. Our powerful recursive programming features actually allows source code to change on the fly making it a truly dynamic product!

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Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems and allows for tremendous multimedia like enhancements to be made to Web Sites.

Programs are made with the Java or JavaScript language and are referred to as Java Applets (not for JavaScript however). These applets are downloaded automatically by users of the Netscape, Internet Explorer or any other Java compliant browser. JavaScript is loaded (generally) before anything else in the Web document is loaded and permits the same high levels of interactivity to be incorporated into your Web Site.

Although Java applets are exciting to use to enhance a Web Sites appearance and overall qualities, we have found that some applets can cause considerable slow down in the time it takes to download a Web page. (NOTE: This is particularly true with systems running with 8 Megs of RAM or less.)

We would make a recommendation, which would work best for your site based on the demographics of your user audience and the technical needs of the site.

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HTML & Dynamic HTML
HTML is the common Web Programming language used to design documents that can be viewed on the World Wide Web. Most browsers support some 3.2 specifications or earlier. We can create documents using any of these specifications.

Dynamic HTML (DHTML) lets you change the web page based on what a reader does. It is a little like JavaScript, but it goes a step further and lets you change or update any element on the page, dynamically.

Currently, Netscape Communicator 4.0 and Internet Explorer 4.0 both have Dynamic HTML features. However, each browser uses different tags to create these features.

The good news is that if a browser doesn't understand a given tag, it ignores it. The bad news is you need to develop two pages to get the desired effect for each browser. One way around this is to analyze your site to see which browser is the most popular and design the Dynamic HTML for that given browser.

This feature is very new, and still under development. It should become more standardized with the next version of HTML.

A dynamically created site has many features. It is interactive. It allows for flexibility of content. The data is easier to maintain. It allows staff member's remote access and remote updating of content. Minimal training is required to update content.

A dynamically created site is developed using a combination of HTML, Databases and Programming. We work closely with you to determine the areas of your site that would be enhanced by this feature.

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Cold Fusion
cold fusion

>Our Cold Fusion programming technology section is currently under development, but our Cold Fusion team is ready to go to work for you!
Please contact us for further information.

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Microsoft Extensions
Microsoft Internet Explorer is the fastest growing browser amongst Web users worldwide, and it's popularity is growing fast as a result of its ease of use and integration with current Microsoft products and Operating Systems.

Through the exclusive availability of the IBSWS Internet Explorer product, users can enjoy the Ultimate in Internet functionality.

We can create pages that utilize these enhancements for your Web Site. This would allow your site to be more attractive and navigable by the visitors who use Internet Explorer to view your site.

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World Merchant System
WSN designs and sets up a World Merchant System complete with pages for items, checkout area, and confirmation pages.

We provide the following powerful features:
Security: A Secured Socket Layer (SSL) enabled secure server which feature 128 bit encryption to ensure that the order and any credit card information is transmitted securely.

Shopping Cart System: That allows a shopper to add items as he or she travels through the site, keeping track of the accumulated items selected, for totaling and the addition of shipping at checkout;

Database Management: For ease of shop maintenance, making it easier to revise products and prices.

Search Engine: For shopper ease in locating desired items on the site; allows quick purchase of items pulled from different categories

Thumbnail Images: To ensure the fastest loading of product pages, yet protecting the ability of the shopper to still get a good view of the products he or she is really interested in.

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Website Reports
Deploying the use of Analysis tools that measures and analyzes the web site traffic has become one of the most significant services overlooked on the Internet.

To maintain an effective web site, companies need to know who is visiting and where are they going on the site. WSN provides all hosting clients with a monthly Web Site Activity report.

Web Activity Report: includes important information such as:

•Number of site visits
•Length of each visit
•Most popular pages
•Least popular pages
•Which search engines are providing traffic
•How much traffic each search Engine is providing
•Most active countries
•Most active states/provinces
•Most active cities
•Most popular client browsers
•Client browser versions used and much more...

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Auto-Responder Technology
Auto-responders are e-mail Bots that will automatically respond to requests for information via electronic mail. This creates a means for you to distribute information your customers may desire quickly and effectively with no work from you.

Not only does this enhance the perception of your companies' service but also it provides you a way to issue documents in e-mail format automatically. This is a great way to give away copies of catalogs, product specs, and the like to your clients.

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Active X
A set of technologies which integrate software components in a networked environment, regardless of the language in which they were created.

This integration of components enables content and software developers to easily create interactive applications and Web sites.

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Kiosk Development
Talk about a powerful interactive communications tool! Informational kiosks use multimedia technology to dispense information to highly targeted audiences.

From these free-standing islands, messages are communicated via a combination of video, graphics, audio and text in a single, interactive venue. You can gather information, ask questions, present options, convey information, register responses, dispense coupons and even perform administrative tasks.

Typical applications include:

•Trade show exhibits
•Corporate lobbies
•Retail stores
•Shopping malls and Museums

For the development of dynamic hardware
and software Kiosk applications,
JEV Marketing Inc. can provide
the answers!

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Plugin Support
Both Netscape and Internet Explorer offer the implementation of third party Plug-Ins that can be used to greatly enhance the multi-media aspects of a Web Site.

The usage of many of these can be tremendously attractive to the viewers of your site and we can recommend many of the more useful plug-in enhancements available.

Due to the nature of browsers in general, there will be an ever-increasing amount of third party support available for Web Sites to employ. Please ask us if you would be interested in procuring the use of third party plug-ins for your Web Site.

Some Examples of Plugins are:

•Animated PowerPoint
•Macromedia Shockwave
•Macromedia Flash

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Training Sessions & Seminars
Interactive training sessions hold interest longer. Full-color presentations can be run on any projection device – from a computer screen to a big screen TV or an overhead projector. Displays can be run at the user's pace. An easy way to keep your employees up-to-date on required information.

Web Design
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Web Hosting
Specific Industry Applications (SIA)
Domain Name Registration
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Flash Macromedia™
CD-ROM Design
Fully Interactive Multimedia Applications
Interactive Sales Presentation
Javascript/ Applets
HTML & Dynamic HTML
Cold Fusion
Microsoft Extensions
World Merchant System
Website Reports
Auto-Responder Technology
Active X
Kiosk Development
Plugin Support
Training Session & Seminars




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