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We guarantee the highest levels of service

Through consultation, an effective internet marketing strategy will be structured and implemented.

We will consistently evaluate your web site and often make recommendations that will keep you in the forefront of technology. Our company believes in developing strong and lasting relationships with our clientele.

JEV Marketing Inc. believes in a successful six step process for all projects, whether small or large, that will derive a unique internet solution. Successful delivery, clear communication of scope, progress and status are key in the phases. Implementation of the phases streamlines analysis, consultation and development, minimizes costs and maximizes the quality and value.
Initial Consultation
During the Initial Consultation phase our Internet Consultant makes initial contact with the client. The Internet Consultant then establishes client functionality needs and marketing goals. In short, familiarizes themselves with every aspect of your business.

All data given from the client during the initial consultation is then prepared into a proposal that will deliver a solution that sets forth a vision for success on the Internet.
Functional Design
Following the Initial Consultation, our Internet Consultant meets with the client to review proposal and gather information related to the site and site requirements that will be delivered to our design and development teams.

Requirements range from image selection, copy composition, design concept theme and database definition. JEV Marketing Inc. provides several methodologies to build your company a unique Internet solution and a successful venture. All Functional Design documentation is then reviewed and moved into the Build Phase.
Build Phase
Immediately following your approval on the proposal and Functional Design, our design and development teams jump into action. Our teams produce a number of site drafts guided by the Internet Consultant and you, the client to ensure that all expectations are met regarding the design of the site. While the development team produces all coding and database integration for the site according to the Functional Design information to build your solution to specification.
During the Test phase, our team efforts continue with an array of tests conducted to ensure proper functionality according to expectations. When user acceptance is confirmed and signed-off, the site is moved into the Launch phase.
Immediately following acceptance, the site is placed live on the server. The Internet Consultant and client closely monitor the site activities to ensure that there are no unexpected issues. Database tables are populated with the latest version of production data. All client internal and operations processes associated with the site are implemented and validated. Client training also occurs during the early stages of the Launch phase.
Manage Results
After Launch is completed successfully the Internet Consultant and client meet at regular intervals to review site traffic, to understand which components of the site are successful and which areas may be appropriate for review, and to implement marketing and promotional activities to further enhance initial marketing goals.

Potential subsequent enhancements to the site are also identified at the time.

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