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  The New Generation

> A new generation of clients have relied on JEV Marketing Inc. to bring them into the ever revolving World of the Internet. From this, we list the most current
Web Design
projects separated into different categories for your searching convenience.

> For a complete list of our web site projects and clients archive, please view our
Online Marketplace .

>Not only do we thrive in designing innovative, custom web sites, we create
Corporate Logos
to capture the client's business presence they want to establish.

>At JEV Marketing Inc. we take marketing strategy seriously and offer you other means of promoting your business by Dynamic Flash Development.
This produces a wide range of marketing approaches using animation technology in a unique and appealing manner.

>Promotional Flyer and Brochure development is also available. Please use side navigation or click here to view recent promotional flyers and brochures .

>Looking to restore an old photograph or have your product image professionally
colour corrected before adding to your existing web site or promotional advertisement piece? JEV Marketing Inc. has an Advanced Photography Diploma and Advanced Digital Imaging Diploma graduate with over 3 years experience on staff.

> If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via email: , phone: (519) 966-3094, fax: (519) 966-3887

The New Generation
Web Design & Development
Quick Sites
Dynamic Flash Inserts
Corporate Logos
Promotional Flyers/Brochures
Photo Restoration


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